Simple Steps to Choosing the Right Size Office Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning requirements for office can vary wildly. If you are considering purchasing a new air conditioning system for your office, it’s wise to take your time so you can identify the perfect solution for your needs.

If your office air conditioning unit is too big, you may face problems with restricted air flow, yet if you go too small, you may find it tough to gain the required level of coolness and comfort.

Single or multi-stage unit?

Before you buy an office air conditioning unit, you need to choose between a single or multi-stage unit. Single-stage air con units are popular in homes, hotels and small businesses. They take their name from the way that they have just one main setting, which is “on”.

With a multi-stage air con unit, you have a wide range of options and can choose various different outputs to gain varying levels of coolness.

This is ideal for those seeking a flexible solution that will address their changing needs throughout the year.

British Thermal Units (BTUs)

You will also need to find out how many BTUs or British Thermal Units you need.

The measurement tells you the size of your units in tonnes. 12,000 BTUs are equal to one ton, which means a 3-tonne unit is able to produce 36,000 tonnes.

You will need to do your research to work out how many BTUs and tonnes are needed. You can do this by identifying the square footage of the area you need to be cooled and multiplying it by 25.

Add another 400 for each person working in the space, with a further 1,000 being added for each window. The number you are left with will tell you the minimum BTUs you require for your area, though your needs may be greater if your ceiling is more than 8 foot high.

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Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.