Carbon Trust interest free loans

Air conditioning can be funded with a loan from the Carbon Trust to make your business energy efficient. Call Sovereign to find out if you are eligible for the scheme.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’re going to have to pay out an excess of money to install a new air conditioning system, or pay heavy interest on a bank loan. Loans are available through your financial institutions, but keep in mind that the Carbon Trust offers an interest-free loan to businesses with the aim of keeping the planet more energy efficient, which could also cut your business costs. Energy Efficiency Financing from the Carbon Trust and Siemens Financial Services is one way of upgrading your business without it being too costly. The scheme helps you to cut the costs of your business and save energy thus benefiting the planet.

The financing can be arranged from £1000 upwards with the repayments calculated by the anticipated monthly savings your company will make on energy bills. This means that you could replace an existing, ageing air conditioning system or many other inefficient pieces of equipment, and get a new one with potentially no costs to you. Once the loan is repaid, your business will then have the benefit of having lower energy bills and a new air conditioning system. To qualify for the financing, you need to have been trading in the UK for at least 36 months and the business is subject to a standard credit assessment.

Why not call Sovereign now to find out more on Freephone 0800 243 638 or click on the link to the Carbon Trust web site?

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