Heat Pump Boilers

Enjoy instant heating throughout the year, reduce your carbon output and boost performance with a heat pump boiler from Sovereign.

With an unbelievably efficient performance, they’re a fantastic alternative to traditional heating systems – and much cheaper to run than conventional boiler alternatives.

How do they work?

Heat pump boilers follow the same operational principles as air conditioning units and fridges. They ‘harvest’ the heat from the environment, and concentrate it so it can be used in your property.

They provide space heating through your radiators or your under-floor heating system, and heating for the hot water from your taps

Is my property suitable?

Heat pump boilers were initially aimed at the domestic market, but they’re now widely used in a variety of property types, including office blocks, restaurants, hotels, shops and factories.

They’re ideally suited for new buildings and larger refurbishment projects which need to meet strict government guidelines on the efficient use of energy (such as Parts L and F of the building regulations of the Energy Performance Certificates), and for use in remote areas with no gas supply.

I want to learn more

Discover more about heat pump boiler technology and speak to the trained staff here at Sovereign. We’re well placed to advise you on the various types of heat pump systems that are available, and are able to set you up with an affordable, bespoke heat pump package.

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