Enhanced capital allowances

The government encourages businesses to invest in equipment on the Energy Technology List (ETL) as this equipment is extremely energy efficient and helps to reduce the Carbon Output. Enhanced Capital Allowance claims can be made when investing in energy efficient plants such as air conditioning and heating equipment. This entails offsetting the whole cost of the installation, including labour and materials in most cases, against your annual tax bill. Depending on the rate at which you pay tax this could result in you recouping up to 40% of the cost of the installation through a reduction in your tax bill.

Here at Sovereign, we are able to offer all the supporting evidence required to make an ECA claim allowing you to recoup a significant proportion of the cost of the whole installation. ECA claims need to be submitted as part of your corporate or income tax returns, so ensure that you save all documentation regarding your claim. f you think that air conditioning is something that you desire, contact Sovereign for more information and to see how you could benefit from an investment in energy efficient technology.

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