Facilities management Consultants

Facilities management is integral to extending the life expectancy of your site services and equipment. Here at Sovereign we offer maintenance packages to ensure that your property remains well managed, looked after and the comfort of your employees and customers is upheld at all times. We can provide advice on everything from Air Conditioning industry compliance, maintenance and gas safe regulations to electrical services, plumbing, fire detection and emergency lighting.

Other Key Management Areas

Other key areas like the security of CCTV systems, sprinklers and firefighting equipment are also included in our facilities management repertoire, which means we can provide guidance on almost any aspect of your business without a problem. Similarly if you require a complete package including on site security and cleaning services, this can also be offered to tailor to your requirements.

If you don’t have the spare time to understand the maintenance contracts related to every facet of your facility contact Sovereign today. We are skilled at sourcing solutions to potential problems, setting up preventative measures and solving any issues that need to be rectified at speed.Give us a call and we will do all the tiresome leg work, leaving you to focus on more pressing concerns.

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