Split Air Conditioning

Choosing a split A/C system is a great option for businesses that want the installation process to be quick and fuss-free. From small offices to shops and cafes, the split air conditioner units are the number one solution for those on a smaller budget.

Split air conditioning systems feature a condenser which typically sits outside of the room and is separate, or split, from the indoor unit that sits in the room you are cooling. The two units are connected via a copper connection pipe and electrical wiring. The refrigerant is pumped from the outside unit to the inside unit through the connection pipe, and a fan then distributes the cool air into the room.

Why choose a split air con system?

Split air conditioning units are the cheapest options on the market, and they’re the ideal solution for smaller premises like cafes, shops, and small offices that may have a tight budget but need to control temperature. They are also a good option for server rooms and for cooling the temperature in individual rooms.

  • Quick to install: We can fit and commission a split AC unit in a single day
  • Self-contained: If one unit breaks down, others are not affected
  • Energy-efficient: They use less energy than other HVAC systems
  • Cost-effective:Cheaper than installing a central AC system

Our engineers will install your air conditioning system quickly and efficiently, leaving you in a comfortable environment and allowing your staff to perform at their most productive level.

Our engineers have years of experience installing split A/C systems and have worked with a mix of clients over the years. We will consult with you every step of the way to create a tailored package that correlates with the type of commercial property you own.

If this sounds like the type of air conditioner you’ve been looking for, get in touch today to find out more.

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