HVAC Trends in The Commercial Air Conditioning Market

Air conditioning systems have become indispensable in the commercial sector, particularly during a time when the weather is becoming more unpredictable and heatwaves more frequent.

The air conditioning market, is continually developing and never seems to stand still. When businesses seek new air conditioning, they are now often looking for a system that will be more efficient and help them to meet their social and environmental responsibilities.

As HVAC technology continues to be rapidly developed and improved upon, we are seeing several prominent trends emerging in the commercial air conditioning market.

Smart technology

The ‘internet of things’ refers to a system of objects or devices that are connected to each other via the internet and able to transfer data amongst themselves without any assistance from humans.

There is now a growing demand for air conditioning units that can be integrated into smart systems like these.

Smart HVAC systems are intelligent systems that use a combination of sensors and self-diagnostic capabilities to ensure that they are always running at maximum efficiency. For many commercial properties, they are a convenient and user-friendly solution, as they require very little interference, are often wireless, and can usually be controlled remotely if required.

Environmentally-friendly systems

As businesses become more environmentally-conscious and responsible, the environmental impact of HVAC systems is more frequently being called into question.

Green building design and sustainability is becoming increasingly important as businesses look for ways to lower their carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption to protect our planet from further damage.

This can be achieved using air conditioning systems with superior energy-efficiency, natural refrigerants, and those that are powered by alternative energy sources. Alternative sources can include geothermal heat and cooling systems and solar panels.


The energy-efficiency of an air-conditioning unit is not only important for looking after the environment, but also for cutting a commercial property’s energy bill.

Legislation within Europe and the UK is becoming increasingly concerned with energy efficiency of commercial building services and systems, including HVAC systems.

Over recent years, the government has made significant investment into the development of low-carbon, energy efficient HVAC technologies.

Legislation and regulations surrounding energy usage and carbon emissions only look set to tighten further, so many businesses see investing in an energy-efficient system as an excellent investment for the future, in more ways than one!

Energy efficient air conditioning systems include those that use less energy, produce fewer carbon emissions, and harness the power of renewable energy.


Here at Sovereign we design, install and maintain bespoke air conditioning systems to commercial properties of all shapes and sizes.

Our air conditioning solutions use some of the most advanced and energy-efficient HVAC technology out there to achieve a comfortable working environment.

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Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.