Benefits of commercial air conditioning in food storage

Many benefits come with having commercial air conditioning for food storage, regardless of if you’re looking to replace existing refrigeration or cooling systems or you’re designing and constructing commercial premises that will require a reliable air conditioning system.

Keep on reading for a brief overview of some of the many benefits that come with having commercial air conditioning in food storage.

Improves Yield Upkeep

Commercial air conditioning in food storage makes it easier to take care of your food yield without too much maintenance or effort as temperature and humidity levels can easily be controlled and altered depending on your storage requirements.

Prevents Bacterial Spread And Disease

One of the major benefits of commercial air conditioning in food storage is the ability to prevent bacteria spread and diseases. The air quality and temperature will be kept at an optimum level to ensure freshness and to prevent contamination which could be damaging to your products and also cause harm or illness to customers or clients.

Air conditioning in food storage is a smooth and efficient way to prevent bacterial spread and disease to keep everyone safe and also to ensure your business upholds the highest reputation.

Air conditioning will also control the humidity levels in the air which will ensure moisture levels are kept to a minimum to prevent water from gathering in areas. This will protect the quality of your products and also prevent microbial growth. Not only this but controlling the humidity levels can prevent corrosion and damage to non-food related products or storage equipment.

Controls Odours

When fresh food like meat, fish, dairy or even some fruits and vegetables are involved, this can cause some strong odours from your food storage area. An efficient commercial air conditioning system in your food storage will keep food odours at a minimum creating a more comfortable working environment for everyone there and also preventing strong odours from wafting out of the area towards any potential clients or customers.

Silent Operation

A modernised commercial air conditioning system installed by one of our team members will ensure silent operation all year round, meaning your staff can talk during work hours without having to shout over each other, providing a more efficient and calm working environment. Silent operation also ensures you’ll receive no complaints from nearby residents or businesses about how loud your cooling system is, so you can run it all day long without making anyone’s life a misery.


Old fashioned cooling systems are not energy-efficient and therefore will cost you a pretty penny on your electricity bill. Installing a modern commercial air conditioning system in your business may have an upfront cost, but in the long run, it can save you hundreds, if not thousands in electricity bills as well as being more eco-friendly. Therefore you won’t have to pay over the top to create a comfortable working environment for your staff and to ensure the quality of your food products are kept at an optimum level.

Sovereign 24-Hour Repair Service

When you choose to go with Sovereign, you become eligible for 24-hour repair 365 days a year maintenance service from our dedicated engineers to fix concerning issues or malfunctions at speed. With just a phone call away, our trained staff can offer advice for minor issues or queries or will send out a maintenance engineer free of charge to ensure your air conditioning system is in working order at all times.

We pride ourselves on our efficient call-out service and aim to assist you with repairs and maintenance problems within as little time as possible.

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Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.