Avoid these common air conditioning fails

air-conditioning-233953__180Poor maintenance is one of the biggest causes of air conditioning faults. Improper use also has a part to play.

What else causes issues with cooling systems? We intend to tell you to put the record straight.

Got an air conditioner?

Here’s what could go wrong!

Top 7 air conditioning fails

  1. Leaks
  2. Component failure
  3. Sensor issues
  4. Poor drainage
  5. Infrequent or non-existent maintenance
  6. Shoddy installation
  7. Improper use

Leaking refrigerant

Air conditioners require the correct level of refrigerant to enable them to work. If the system is undercharged during installation or it develops a leak at some stage within its service life, the air conditioning is likely to fail.

Leaks have to be fixed before the system is recharged with refrigerant. Trained air conditioning engineers will perform this service as per a reactive maintenance programme. It’s one of our areas of expertise at Sovereign.

Component fails

Air conditioning systems rely on a number of components to make them work. Fans and compressors are operated by control units. Any of these parts can wear and develop problems within the lifetime of the system.

Electrical niggles also cause issues too. Wires and connections have a habit of corroding. This is why it’s a good idea to have regular maintenance programmes, by doing this, small problems are detected before they have a chance to escalate.

Sensor faults

Air conditioning units have a sensor built into them. This measures the temperature of the air coming into the evaporative coil. If this develops a fault it might cause the air conditioner to act intermittently, the sensor might need repairing or replacing in the worst case scenario.

Inadequate drainage

Spotted a suspicious puddle of water just below your air conditioning unit? This could indicate poor system drainage, there might be a clog caused by slurry or sludge.

Keep air conditioners clog-free and draining effortlessly to improve efficiency and performance.

Lack of maintenance

Keep on top of routine maintenance for your air conditioning to ensure optimum efficiency.  Neglect maintenance on air conditioning and small problems go undetected, they can escalate and before you know it you have a breakdown on your hands.

The obvious fix is to arrange planned maintenance through a reputable air conditioning company. This prevents reactive maintenance and it’s one of our areas of expertise at Sovereign.

Shoddy installationtube-237888__180

Poor workmanship affects the efficiency and reliability of air conditioning too.  Failed installation procedures can lead to a lack of air flow, leaking ductwork and damage caused by inexperienced air conditioning engineers.

Prevent this using a well-established company like Sovereign Planned Services Ltd, as we have over 35 years of experience and our engineers are trained to the highest standards.

Improper use

Finally, in order for air conditioning to work effectively consider the room conditions. Leave windows and doors open and you won’t feel the benefits.

Close doors interior doors and shut windows to feel the full effect.

Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.