VRF Air Conditioning

If you’re concerned about meeting the running costs of an air conditioning unit, a variable refrigerant volume (VRF) system is the best choice.

These systems will work to reduce your heating and cooling bills because of their in-built heat recovery features. Connecting multiple indoor units to a single outdoor appliance, the centralisation of the VRF external plant saves space and allows you to keep all of the outdoor equipment in a single hidden area too. If you have a large property, such as an office building or hotel, you will be keen to slash your utility costs without sacrificing on the comfort of your employees, guests and facility users – choose the right air conditioning unit and you will create the perfect atmosphere as well as streamline your overheads.

Capital Allowance Claim For VRF

Due to the inherently efficient nature of VRF equipment it is usually possible to make an Enhanced Capital Allowance claim, allowing you to recoup some of the cost of the installation through an offset against your tax bill. Please see the related section of our web site here.

It may also be possible to apply for an interest free loan through the carbon trust which is designed to pay for the replacement of your ageing inefficient equipment through the money you will save on your utility bills.

Please see the related section of our web site here.

Get in touch with the engineers at Sovereign to set up an initial consultation on VRF air conditioning systems. We will talk to you about the different AC brands available as well as discuss the size and shape of your space, which will help to determine how big your system should be overall.

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