Why smart meters are good for clever households


How do you monitor and calculate energy costs within your household?

If you wait until your utility bill drops through the post then shriek in horror, this might not be the most sensible approach to take.

Leave it until you get a bill from your utility provider and this is quite often a bitter pill to swallow.

One solution is to have a smart meter installed within your property, this helps you track the amount of energy you use within the home.

Smart meters are clever solutions for energy-conscious households. We explore what they are and how they work in this next blog post from Sovereign.

So what are Smart Meters? 

Do you have an electric meter that looks something like this?


Or possibly a gas meter that’s not too dissimilar to this?


Very soon they are going to be replaced with a different type of meter. It’s a digital unit designed to save money and it’ll help you monitor the amount of electric and gas your household uses.

Smart meters are set to replace the antiquated electric and gas units of old. They’ll empower you with a wealth of information.  You’ll have instant access to how much energy you are using. They’ll show you price ratings so you know exactly how much your fuel is costing you.

Under the new initiative, households will be fitted with a unique display unit which sends readings remotely to energy providers. There’ll be no more manual meter reading by strangers visiting the home, all the information is sent wirelessly, use electric or gas and utility companies know exactly how much you are spending.

Sounds good?

It is, and when you scratch the surface of smart metering a little you discover there are countless advantages.

The advantages of Smart Metering

At the moment you probably have no idea how much those electrical items are costing you to run. The same goes for gas as well. Unless you are enlisted on some type of pay-as-you go scheme every time you turn a light on, leave the heating on too long or forget to turn the television off in the living room this is costing you money.  Unfortunately, you have no idea how much!

Smart Meters will put a stop to that. As soon as you see how much energy you are wasting you’ll want to make cutbacks where you can.

Think of this as an awakening.

Before, it didn’t seem too bad to overfill the kettle with water and leave it boiling a little longer. You wouldn’t bother if numerous mobiles were charging at once or every single light in the house was switched on at once.

Faced with the hard facts, peering at the display on your intuitive meter, it’ll be the wake-up call you need… smart meters will turn you into a bit of an energy guru.

Key features of Smart metering

  • See energy usage as it happens
  • Estimated bills and manual meter readings eliminated
  • Helps to plan for long term energy savings
  • Detailed reports give you a breakdown of energy hotspots around the home

Utility companies have already starting installing smart readers inside customer households so it shouldn’t be too long before your household starts saving energy and cash at the same time.


(Image courtesy of e.on)

Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.