Which air conditioner is best for commercial use?

Whether you’re constructing new commercial premises and need to install a suitable air conditioning system, or you’re looking to replace your existing one, it’s important to ensure the system you install suits the size of your building and the extent to which it will need heating and cooling.

Here at Sovereign, we provide a specialised air conditioning service tailored to your business’s needs. We’ve put together a handy guide covering the different types of air conditioner units, so you can get a better idea of which one might be a good fit for your commercial building.

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioning systems provide heating and cooling in a simple, fuss-free, and affordable way. They’re best suited to:

● Individual rooms

● Offices

● Shops

● Cafés

● Server rooms

These are one of the cheapest options on the market, and can be fitted and installed in a single day, while causing minimal damage and disruption to your business. These kinds of systems are ideal for anyone looking to heat or cool an individual room or small overall premises.

Larger spaces may also benefit from several split units that allow the air conditioning system to heat and cool several different rooms. However, this will require plenty of external space to house multiple outdoor units.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) air conditioners, also known as variable refrigerant volume (VRV) systems, provide a space-saving and energy-efficient option for businesses that want to minimize overall running costs.

This makes VRF systems an ideal option for larger commercial premises, including:

● Large offices

● Department stores

● Shopping centres

● Restaurants

● Galleries

● Hotels

● Data centres

● Warehouses

VRF air conditioning units are best suited to large commercial spaces, and are easy to control, energy-efficient, and reliable. They can also be installed with minimal disruption to your business.

By installing a VRF system, you’ll notice a reduction in your heating bills thanks to their heat-recovery features. Heat-recovery uses multiple units to provide heating and cooling to different rooms simultaneously. Wasted heat is recovered from around the building and used to heat water and other rooms.

Cassette type air conditioning

Cassette air conditioning units are suitable for providing heating and cooling in large, open-plan sites. They’re commonly installed as ceiling-mounted units, meaning they can easily be hidden with a baffle shield or on a conventional suspended ceiling.

Cassette ac systems are ideal for areas where space is at a premium, but a high-performance conditioning system is required.

Suspended air conditioning units

Suspended air conditioning units are also known as ‘under ceiling’ or ‘ceiling suspended air conditioning units.’ These are best-suited to smaller spaces that require specific temperature control but are unable to house large floor or wall-mounted units.

They’re specifically designed to provide a highly efficient kW heating and cooling solution that maximises output while keeping physical footprint minimal.

Wall-mounted air conditioning units

Wall mounted ac units are commonly used in enclosed properties and are highly efficient. They’re commonly installed on a wall at a high level and this allows for a controlled and even flow of air throughout the space. These units are ideal for smaller spaces, offices, server rooms, and shops.

For larger spaces, multiple units can be installed to allow temperature control in different areas – ideal for open-plan offices with glass partitions.

These units offer a high degree of control with minimal disruption, and minimise noise, hot and cold spots, and disruptive site lines that large units often cause.

Floor mounted air conditioning units

Extremely useful in areas where no walls are available, floor-mounted air con units are suitable for spaces of any size, and simply require access to a suitable power socket and an exit for any wiring and pipework to leave the space.

These units provide a high degree of portability which allows them to be deployed in a variety of different locations through your workspace.

Ducted air conditioning systems

Ducted AC systems are versatile and powerful, and are designed to provide maximum performance while remaining unobtrusive. They’re usually hidden above a suspended ceiling or roof space.

They do require significant skill and effort to install, however, seeing as the internal unit is placed in the roof of the building, as well as the duct grilles required to focus air in different areas of the building. This allows you to have a greater degree of control over the temperature.

Modern ducted air conditioning units are also very energy-efficient, allowing you to draw maximum benefit for minimal cost.

Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.