Keep your business warmer on a budget

Ever sat in a cold office over the winter waiting for a heating engineer to arrive? It’s no fun trying to type a 3000 word document with icicles hanging from your nails. We provide reactive maintenance programmes at Sovereign to prevent systems breaking down but understand that sometimes it’s unavoidable. Still at least you can keep the chills at bay by trying some of these ideas.

Keep blinds closed – This should keep some of the chills away from the room, even though it feels like -50C inside. Shut out the cold and trap any remaining heat inside, you can open the blinds once the heating is back on.

Wear extra layers – Put your coat on and use any extra layers you might have to hand. Gloves might not be practical unless they are the fingerless variety, but sweaters, scarves and hats will certainly come in useful. The more layers you can add the warmer you will be.

Use fan heaters – if you have fan heaters or oil heaters plug them in, it’ll be handy to use them in the interim. Place the fan heater under your desk and it’ll keep your toes, legs and upper body nice and warm.

Drink plenty of hot fluids – Keep those brews coming or fill a flask with soup and that’s a great way to get heat into your body. It might involve more trips back and forwards to the loo but that’ll be good to, at least it’ll pump blood around your body.

Stay active – Find ways to keep moving to stimulate heat through your body, this could be a good time to reorganise the stationery cupboard or tackle that mountain of filing that’s threatening to topple off your desk.  Just think of ways to move your body to generate heat and hopefully it won’t be long until the heating is back on.

Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.