Air Conditioning Merseyside

Air Conditioning Merseyside

Air Conditioning Merseyside

Sovereign is an air conditioning installer for Merseyside who can supply and install air conditioning systems for your business. We are competitive on prices and endeavour to provide you with the best bespoke air conditioning system for your commercial property using our 35 years of industry experience.

Whether you have a unique boutique on Cavern Walks that needs a bit of a chill or a business park in the Wirral that needs a cool down or heating up, Sovereign is the air con installation specialists for you. We aim to give you the temperature you need at a cost that you desire.

Merseyside commercial air conditioning

The last thing customers want is to be uncomfortable – a hot and stuffy room can create an uninviting atmosphere for the public so keeping it cool is crucial. However, it’s not just customers that favour an optimal temperature; providing staff with a comfortable environment is important too because it ensures that employees can perform to the best of their ability.

Air conditioning is particularly necessary for restaurants and hotels due to their busy nature. Sovereign Planned Services Ltd knows that your business is important to you so we will fit your air conditioning system out of office hours to ensure that your profits are not negatively affected by the development.

There are various air conditioning systems to choose from and it is important to choose the right one for your commercial property in Merseyside.

We have new build systems for newly built properties and our retrofit systems are great for existing buildings in Merseyside as they can be adapted easily to properties of numerous shapes and sizes. There is no need to worry about roping in the decorators either; split-type air conditioners simply connect an indoor unit to an outdoor unit creating little mess.

Why choose Sovereign for air conditioning systems in Merseyside?

Sovereign’s air conditioners are reliable and reasonably priced and we will never scrimp on the workforce. We will meet for a consultation, design the bespoke air conditioning system that you desire and our professional engineers will be at hand throughout the entire process.

If you are located in St Helens, the Wirral, Sefton or any other Merseyside area, Sovereign aims to provide you with an efficient and personal service that won’t break the bank. For more information or a quotation for air conditioning in Merseyside, contact Sovereign today.