4 things to look for when you choose a VRF air conditioning system

On first inspection it might seem that you have chosen the perfect partner for an air conditioning installation, the sales guy seems friendly, the system seems to meet your requirement and the price isn’t too bad either. Scratch beneath the surface though and all might not be quite as rosy as it first seems, if you really want to procure the right VRF system bear some of the following points in mind.


Look at our website and you’ll notice we are a fully accredited mechanical contractor which means every single one of our systems is designed in-house to match our customer’s needs. We don’t take any shortcuts, we size all of our systems to match your requirements and always follow the CIBSE’s rule of thumb of 125w/m2 for general office accommodation but up this to 150w/m2 in high density areas. This guarantees your system performs with the greatest efficiency in your working environment. This isn’t always the case with other contractors. We’ve heard horror stories of air conditioning contractors designing underperforming systems that simply don’t fulfil their clients’ requirements and the problem only arises in the height of summer. Don’t run the risk, make sure the design of the system is good enough for your environment, some contractors will be happy to take your money and run.

Use of Diversity

A number of contractors reduce the cost of VRF systems by specifying a smaller condensing unit. This seems attractive to customers, they could be saving many thousands of pounds little realising the smaller condensing unit has a detrimental impact. When a condensing unit has less capacity then the total required capacity of indoor units the system is said to employ diversity. Used legitimately it saves costs but it’s not always effective so we prefer to match the size of the condensing unit to the required output of the indoor units. We show this in our equipment schedule, always read this information before you place an order for a system.  Systems that have diversity built into them are less efficient at heating too, the VRF has to over-perform to extract heat from the atmosphere, known as de-rating, and this means on really cold days the system has the lowest heat capacity.

System detail

We are always totally transparent with our customers when we are designing new systems, it’s a shame other air conditioning contractors don’t adopt the same mentality. We provide our customers with a total breakdown of their equipment schedule so they know exactly what they are getting for their money, whilst having the reassurance that the system will work and operate with the greatest efficiency. Other contractors are a little ‘vague’ with their quotes, you never quite get the true picture. If you think a quote is ridiculously cheap and it comes with a lack of information, you are better off shopping elsewhere.


Would you pay for a system that didn’t come with any reassurances? Of course, you wouldn’t, so check to see the level of cover you get with your new equipment. At Sovereign, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of workmanship and thanks to this we have been accredited with Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Business Solutions Partner status. This has significant benefit to our customers, it means we can warrant any Mitsubishi electric installations with a seven year fully inclusive parts and labour warranty. Think other contractors can match this? Bet they can’t!

If you want more details about our warranties or simply need advice about air conditioning in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sovereign.


Author: Gareth Whalley
Sharing my vast knowledge in the Air Conditioning and Mechanical services field especially in HVAC installation, service and maintenance across a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Education, Transport, Banking, Retail and Commercial developments.